Make it simple.
My thoughts on the design process.

I use simplicity inspired by nature as the main design principle when thinking of any project or collaborating with other people. The human tendency is to over-complicate things and focus on edge cases. We are hoping that if we look at the problem from thousands of angles, we’ll come up with a more interesting solution.

In nature, which cycles through four seasons of growth where winter is a passive time in the cycle of growth – a time to reflect on changes and renew things. Very complex structures result in the simplest form by going through a natural cycle of growth to be renewed and reinvented everytime spring starts. make-it-easy

1. Learn / Spring
At the beginning of any project, take time to plant seeds, build knowledge and awareness about a potential product or service, its users, company business goals. It’s time for incubation, where one can wear a user’s hat.

2. Create / Summer
This is where ideas are freed and shared with others in a collaborative process. Take out napkins, scribble on boards and get our hands dirty to grow an idea that’s desirable and simple.

3. Validate / Fall
Now it’s time for a real fruit where we give our creation a real form. Now we share it with potential users of our product. After some iteration, we give it life.

Then we take a rest, watch it being used and to go back to number one again.


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